Thursday, January 14, 2010

Four months with our little guy

Today marks the four month anniversary of Elijah coming into our family. Here he is the day after we got him:

And here he is today:

He has started to verbalize more and more. He can say: bye-bye, Mama, Abbey, stop, Layla, night-night, down, peek a boo, thank you, cheese, light, hi, and ut-oh Most of these you would not know what he is saying except from context. He signs more and that's all.
I'm not sure what he wears, but the 9 month clothes are now too little and some 12 month clothes are too short(most still fit), so I'm sure he has grown. He feels chunkier. He has mastered going down the stairs on his tummy. He now has 6 teeth. His favorite food is anything sweet. He really eats just about anything. He sleeps 12 hours a night, if Abbey will let him and takes a  1 1/2 hour nap every day. He's really started to play with toys. A favorite is the scooter. He still loves to put objects into another object. My cabinets have fake drawers under the sink. The other day I looked in the cabinet and found many toys. Elijah had opened the door and dropped them in. He loves to be held. Sometimes, too much so. Often it is hard to do anything because he wants to be held all the time. If he gets put down, when in these moods, he will pitch a huge fit.In the car he will break out into song. Of course, you can't understand a word of it. He and Abbey are interacting more and more. There are times when Abbey makes up a little game and they actually enjoy playing together.  Overall, he is such a joy and John and I are so grateful to have him. He is calm most of the time and will obey when we tell him, "no". It is so amazing to imagine that we've only had him for 4 months. We are certain that he was meant to be a member of our family. These are some more of the pictures I took today.


Abbey has no lingering effects of last night's staple adventure

Anna is exempt from all of her exams, so she is home all day, which thrills Abbey.

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  1. Hard to believe that he's only been part of your family for four months. I almost can't remember knowing you without him now...