Friday, January 29, 2010

A lesson in the kitchen

A few days ago, Abbey asked if she could help me bake the cupcakes I had planned on fixing. I told her of course. As we set out to bake, she insisted that cupcakes needed sprinkles. "Sprinkles?" I asked. "Yes, sprinkles and then they will be soooo beautiful!" spoken by my sprinkle-holic. Well, who can resist making beautiful cupcakes, certainly not I.  I began to look for things she could "help" with. She poured the water in, cracked the eggs, held the mixer briefly, and, of course, put in her beloved sprinkles.


  After fishing out the eggshell pieces, from her cracking, I began thinking about how quickly I would have gotten the cupcakes baked if I had been working alone. But, I would have missed the giddy jumping and dancing while singing, "We're making beautiful cupcakes!", or I would not be able to have my heart skip a beat as she wrapped her arms around my legs and gushed, "I love you forever, Mommy!"  Nope, no matter what those "beautiful" cupcakes looked like or the fact that my kitchen looked like a hurricane hit, I would bake cupcakes with Abbey all over again. This bonding experience really made me appreciate my God. He can accomplish running this world all by himself. He doesn't need us to minister to others and He can draw people to himself just fine. Nope, he really doesn't have to have our help. In fact, a lot of times, I bet he's up there thinking, "Ewww, what a mess!" But, then we turn to him more through the messes we make, and he is thinking," It's all worth it." The bonding we would miss out on if God decided not to put up with our ineptitude. But, he doesn't! He actually desires that we take part in showing others his love. Again, getting the cupcakes baked wasn't the main goal when I baked with Abbey. It was the quality time we spent together and the lessons she learned. It's the same way with us and God. It isn't the destination, but the journey, the things we learn and the bonding we have with him as we get to the destination that matters most to him.
Eating a beautiful cupcake
After she polished off the rest of the sprinkles

Sprinkle smile

Elijah wasn't happy about being left out

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  1. Baking cupcakes and our relationship with our creator. I like the way you think!
    And I love that sprinkle smile...