Monday, January 25, 2010

High School Conference's 100 Breaststroke Champion Lives In Our House!

Yep, Mr. Daniel handily won 100 Breaststroke at the conference championship swim meet on Sat. night. He came in 2nd in 200 IM. There is a story behind the victory, also. Before he swam, he was visiting with me and John in the stands. I told him, "Make sure your goggles are tight, so they don't fill up with water." Well, he wins and when he comes to talk to us, he tell us that indeed his goggles did fill up with water. But, before he swam he was listening to the band For Today, and the chorus kept going through his head, "For He alone is God. Prepare for His Victory"(If you've ever heard For Today, you, like me, may marvel that Daniel could understand a single word in the song...very heavy metal).He believes that God gave him that verse so he could keep on going. He was able to keep going and win! He didn't get a best time, but it was a good time, especially with goggles full of water.  Pretty good for a sophomore! Now it's on to regionals, then the top 8 in each event go on the state championships. Daniel's goal is to go a Jr. National cut of 59.49 in 100 breast. His best time is 100.9. He has several meets coming up, so Lord willing, he will get the cut. Thanks to Maggie for the pictures.

The start

The Finish
Enjoying a post victory bagel

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  1. Congratulations Daniel! Keep at it, I feel that this is your year for Jr. Nationals!