Saturday, January 30, 2010

He did it !!!

Daniel's goal for his swimming this year was to achieve a Jr. National Time Standard for breast stroke. Yesterday he swam 100 breast.  His best time was 1:00.9 and the Jr. cut is 59.49. His swim was a little slower at 1:00.7. He was disappointed, but took solace in the fact that he is only 15 and placed 6th in the state. Besides, 1:00.7 is a great time. Last night, like most of the state, we got 3 inches of snow and a layer of sleet. The meet start was delayed and the swims would all be timed finals. That means the swimmers get one chance at each event. Today, he was to swim 200 breast. We never thought about getting the Jr. cut in 200 breast, because he was 4 seconds away from the cut of 2:09.79.  Things happen when you least expect them! He swam a time of 2:08.85, second place in the state!! He is ecstatic! The Jr. meet is in Orlando in March. He has been walking on clouds all night. We figured since he was on a roll, he should time trial another shot at 100 breast. He came up short again, 1:00.53, but still a best time. He has 2 more meets (high school regionals and high school states) where he could achieve the time standard. The Jr. National times standard is a great achievement for anyone, but especially a 15 year old. We are so proud of him. He has worked extremely hard in practice, given up fun times with friends and been very devoted to acheiving his goal. Also, we know of one college coach that was watching his race and circled his name! They can't contact him yet, but now he is probably on their radar.
 Calling friends and family to tell them the good news

 At the meet, Abbey made a new friend

Passing the time by reading
 Chillin' out at the hotel


Enough watching swimming, I want to swim myself!
Making a definite fashion statement in her boots!
Let me show you how to do it, Daniel.


  1. Woo-hoo Daniel! So excited for you!!!
    Wish we were headed to Orlando in March...

  2. Yippeeeeee!!!!!! Way to go Daniel!!!!!!Way to press on and gain the VICTORY!!!!!Congratulatons!!! All your hard work is paying off!!!

  3. Congratulations to Daniel!!!

    From The Fergusons