Monday, February 1, 2010

Aww, shucks, we missed it!

I do love snow. I love the world stopping for a few days. I love to go sledding. I love the white pristine look of things right after a snow. But, our home had a nice snow and.....we missed it. We were in another town with our swimmer boy. I wouldn't have traded his successes this weekend for snow, no matter how cool it is. The town we were in didn't get nearly as much snow as our home town did. When we came home Sunday evening, Abbey had been begging to go sledding. So, John took her for a few slides down the driveway.
She would go down yelling, "Wheeeeeee"

She enjoyed it so much, Daddy promised to take her for more sledding before he went to work. So, this morning at 7:30, I'm sure our neighbors were wondering who the nuts were that were out sledding so early. 

She loved the snow and went out to play by herself this afternoon. 
 A moment before, she was eating this block of snow

Anna and Daniel went to the neighborhood sledding hill that night to enjoy some sledding.

As far as I know, this was Elijah's first snow, and he wasn't impressed. Ever my cautious little one, he refused to walk on the snow. Maybe we will have another good snow and we can work on getting him to at least put his feet on the snow.

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  1. Your neighbors couldn't have looked at you as any more nuts than ours when we pulled our kids down the road in a laundry basket with a dog leash...
    Glad Abbey got a few runs in! Come on over to our house tomorrow, our road is still an ice pack!