Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Full Friday: Doctor visits, post placement visit, and the Circus!!!

Yesterday we had a very busy day. It started out with a visit with Anne, our social worker. She came to our house to get the information she needs to write out our first post-placement report. We enjoyed our visit, and of course, she thought Elijah was adorable.

In the afternoon, Elijah went to see a plastic surgeon regarding his accessory auricles. The Dr. said it was a very simple surgery. He did not feel any cartilage, so thought it would be easy to remove. I asked about doing it at the same time as his circumcision. He said that could be coordinated and done at the same time.
It was interesting, the Dr. told me that he and his wife have 4 children and his wife wants to adopt. He keeps telling her that she is too old. He held Elijah, and I hope that maybe it planted a seed...

Thursday, Elijah went for his 2 year old checkup. He left a lasting impression on every ear in the office. He screamed like crazy when they weighed him, got his height, and when the Dr. examined him. He really pitched a heck of a fit!! The Dr. said he looked much more alert and bright eyed than when he had seen Elijah last (in Nov.). He has caught up in many areas. His gross motor and analytical skills are on par for his age. He has some delays in other areas, so the Dr. suggested a developmental screening. I'm not sure if I want to go there. I know he's behind, and I know why. I feel certain he will catch up with time and loving care. I asked myself why I dragged my feet about getting him evaluated??  I realized it would be one more thing on my plate to see that it gets done. I wouldn't mind one more thing, if it was necessary. But, I'm not sure it is. I'm going to pray about it before I make an evaluation appointment.
Here are Elijah's current measurements:
weight~ a whopping 22.9 lbs.~ less than 5th percentile
height~ 32 inches~ right at 5th percentile
head circumference~ 47.5~ 25th percentile
The Dr. overall said that he looked very healthy and although tiny, he was following his growth curve.

Then that Friday evening John, Abbey, Elijah and I went to the circus. A great friend who works for the radio station gave us tickets. We had terrific tickets, about 10 rows up from the floor. Abbey had a wonderful time. I'm sure she will talk about it for a long time. Elijah took it all in and wasn't afraid, much to my surprise. He enjoyed dancing to the music.

They started with the national anthem

then tigers...

and elephants...

We saw Beth's friends, Dave and his wife, Jen. At the intermission, they asked Abbey what her favorite part was. After seeing many amazing gravity defying tricks such as this:


my easily pleased girl said, "The clown did flips!"


I think her very favorite part was that Daddy bought her a "lighted twirly thingy"

 which mesmerized her when we got home

 Elijah couldn't stand any more excitement. 

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  1. No Worries Elijah!!! Lottie says...there has to be a few of us on the bottom end of that curve...even if ALL our friends and siblings top the charts!!! Looks like the circus was fun!! Look forward to playing soon!!!