Tuesday, March 2, 2010

High School Winter Sports Banquet

Last night, John, Abbey, Elijah and I attended the high school's Winter Sports Banquet. Anna did not go, she opted to work (Ahh, the love of money...). The evening ended up being quite long. I had a pocketbook full of bribery, I mean, Skittles, but even tiny sugar pills can only accomplish so much. By the end of the program, we were in the back of the auditorium letting A and E run through the seats.

Anna and Daniel both were awarded these:



Daniel got his 2nd year lettering bar and Anna got a letter and jacket for swimming for four years.

 Getting his bar and certificate

 3/4 of the relay team that broke a school record
(Matt, Christian and Daniel)

 Gathered for one last cheer! 

A photographer took some pictures of Daniel at the state championship meet. This was the swim where he got his second Jr. National Cut. You can read about it in this earlier post. Here are the pictures.



Another Skittle please??

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  1. Congratulations Daniel and Anna!! And hurray for skittles!!!