Tuesday, February 9, 2010

High School Regional Swim Meet

This Saturday's meet was a little disappointing. Daniel didn't do as well as he would have liked. Friday night he was talking about how he didn't feel well in the water at practice. He felt "dead". It is very explainable, yet disconcerting. He had been tapering leading up to year round state champs. Now that that meet was over, he was back working like crazy in practice. They have about a month and half to train for Jr. Nationals and they are really going strong. He also talked about lacking motivation to swim in high school. We talked about Col. 3:23, and doing your best no matter what. What we didn't know was that he was also coming down with a cold. Also, school is hard this semester. He has honors Chemistry, honors Algebra 2, and honors Paeidia (not sure how to spell it). He is having to do homework like never before. So, all of this combined to give him a less than stellar meet. He placed 9th in 200 IM (only the top 8 advance to state champs). He got 3rd in 100 breast, but did not get a best time. 3rd out of  the eastern region as a sophomore is nothing to sneeze at, but he would have liked to have gotten a best time. His relays did very well. The IM relay got 3rd and the free relay got 2nd and set a new school record. So, he made it to the awards podium 3 times, but still left feeling a little down. State Champs is this Thursday. I've been "encouraging" ie making him go to bed early these past few nights. We are all hoping that this will be a better meet for him.
Getting third for 100 Breast
With 1st and 2nd place finishers

Medley Relay getting 3rd

Free Relay placed 2nd

Happy wherever she is, even after spending 5 hours at a meet

Needs to take happy lessons from his sister

Daniel would appreciate any prayers on his behalf for State Champs.

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  1. I'll consider it an honor to offer some prayers for Daniel. He is a fine young man and such a dedicated swimmer!
    And oh my did I chuckle at the contrast between your littles at the meet. Love those two!