Thursday, February 25, 2010


We are fortunate to be a part of a group of families whose kids look like ours, Our Asian Kids (OAKS).
Some OAKS Girls (we do have quite a few boys in OAKS, also)

We get together at least once a week to let the kids play. But, our family is very blessed to have a couple of families that live very close to us, and with whom we share many beliefs and values. Abbey counts their kids, Lottie, Caleb and Kylie, as her best friends. Caleb and Kylie are in China right now with their parents bringing home a little sister, Darcy. You can check their blog out by clicking here. As their mom was getting closer to departure for China, Caleb and Kylie came over to play with us. I love those kids, they all get along so well with both of my kids. Caleb has Abbey's personality...


and Kylie is calm and sweet, so she's a great buddy to both kids.




We can't wait to add Darcy to our mix!


  1. What a bevvy of beauties!!! And of course the boys are cutie pies too! How nice to have weekly playdates with like-minded families. I haven't done "playdates" in YEARS! Guess I'll be back in that zone again soon! :)


  2. And my guys love yours as well! Thanks for all the help as we were getting ready!