Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Woo-Hoo-Hoo, Elijah's Two!!

Our baby boy turned two years old on Feb. 22.  We celebrated twice, once at my party and then again on his actual birthday.  He opened presents at my party, so that Grandaddy and Nana could see him open their gifts.

Opening up his Winnie the Pooh card that sang to him.

Grandaddy explains how the car-cd/radio works
Then, on his actual birthday. We had cake, and

sang "Happy Birthday" to him.


Daniel helped him blow out the candles

He wasted no time digging in

Pausing long enough to say "cheese"

Big sister, Beth, called with birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday to our precious boy, Elijah.
We love you bunches and bunches!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Elijah! Wow, so close to your birthday fun! I finally added you to my blog list sidebar so now I can keep up with your posts better!

    Love the pictures of this sweet boy!