Sunday, February 14, 2010


Yesterday we woke up to a small, but pretty snowfall. Knowing that it wouldn't be around long, we took Elijah and Abbey out to play early in the morning, Daniel and Anna were still sleeping. We had a great time! That is, all but one of us did
From the beginning, not so sure about this white stuff

Definitely, decided he doesn't care for it at all!

The verdict is in, "No! Hold me now!"

While, Abbey, on the other hand had a blast. Playing snowballs with Daddy

 Building a snowman

"Snow White" Can you guess who named this creation?
An angel making a snow angel

Me and my snow babies
Happy now!


  1. Once again, Cali and Elijah remind me of eachother (their unlike for the snow) And our "big" girls Abby and Lily are snow girls! Funny

  2. So cute. Love the pictures of Elijah's pouty face. Reminds me of my kids the first time they saw the ocean and felt the icky sand beneath their feet. Thankfully they love the beach now. I'm sure Elijah will enjoy the snow as much as abby does someday. :)