Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you know my brother, Elijah?

The other day Abbey was talking to Beth on the phone and she said, "Do you know my brother Elijah?" As John told me about this, it warmed my heart. She really does love him now as a brother, and he reciprocates that love.

At first, Abbey just sort of ignored Elijah. She really didn't acknowledge that he existed. If I would allude to him, she would make a statement like,"Let's leave him in China." or "You're just my Mommy." Now she will say, "You are my Mommy and Elijah's Mommy." To which I reply with, "Yes, and I'm Beth's, John's, Anna's and Daniel's Mommy"

But, I've seen them grow as siblings. It is an amazing thing to see God knit people together that don't share any of the same genetic material!

Elijah and Abbey look for each other and out for each other. At the bank the other day, Abbey got a lollipop. Immediately she asked the teller, "Could I have one for my brother, Elijah?" (And she actually did give it to him).

He copies her every move.
If she tumbles...

He tumbles...

If she rocks....

Then he rocks.

They have actually started to play together

I'm pretty laid back about the questions strangers will ask, but there is one that really does bother me...

"Are they real siblings??"

My usual reply is, "They are now!"

And they truly are!!!



  1. Oh that warms my heart! What a couple of love bugs!

  2. They truly are, aren't they?! How sweet that Abby is recognizing Elijah as her brother. Adoption just continues to amaze me!!!


  3. I so enjoy reading your blog, Glenda! I love reading about Abbey and Elijah and all their adventures. Thanks for posting!

  4. Thank you, Kelly. It's really turned into quite a hobby.