Friday, July 9, 2010

The Real 4th of July

Because it fell on a Sunday, our celebration of the 4th was a little different this year. It started out with us going to church. Then following our usual Sunday routine ( nap for me and the kids, basketball at pool for John). Anna had to work until 8, so we wanted to wait until she got off before going to the fireworks. She wanted to be a part of Elijah's first fourth fireworks.

We always have ice cream sundies and this year was no different.

Some of us ate a colossal amount of ice cream

Some just enjoyed the whip cream.
(Which was administered by an older whip cream addict)

I'll take mine with a spoon, if you don't mind

After everyone had their fill and Anna came home, we set off to the fairgrounds. Because we were later than usual, we had a dickens of a time finding a parking place. We settled on one that ended up being really nice.  We had never been there before. 

So, Anna was apart of Elijah's first fireworks

Even Abbey will stand still to watch fireworks

The whole gang (minus me... someone has to take the pictures)
Jamie, Anna, Abbey, Daniel, John, Jr, Elijah, and John

Because of our new parking situation, we got home very quickly.  Our fourth weekend was full of lots of family time, junk food, games and just plain old enjoying each other. That's why it is one of my favorite holidays!


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