Thursday, July 15, 2010

John's band

Last week we had the privilege to see John, Jr and his band, The Black Mambas, play here in Raleigh. They have quite a following in Wilmington. Before he left for the summer, they were playing and having big crowds come to see them. John and I had wanted to see them before now, but it wasn't ever convenient to go to Wilmington.

The crowd was light at the Berkley Cafe, but we just appreciated that fact that we could get a good seat. (I appreciated the fact that I had a few hours out with my hubby!)

The band played all original music. John, Jr didn't think they did very well, but since we didn't know the songs, it sounded fine to us. We saw a lot of talent in all of the members.

Here's my older drummer boy

The guitarist is John's housemate and the bassist is his brother

We enjoyed watching John and his band. You can hear their music on the sidebar link to their myspace.

All of our children have a great love of music. It's great to see them stretching their wings and showing their talents!


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