Monday, July 26, 2010

Sisters- A "Want To" Kind of Love

I've talked a lot lately about Elijah and Abbey's love for each other. It has taken time to develop, but Abbey's love for her sisters and their reciprocation has been there from the time they laid eyes on each other.

The first time Anna held Abbey

 Abbey many times tells me, "You aren't a sister, you're just a Mommy." Obviously, she realizes that sisterhood has a very special bond.

From the beginning,  Abbey has always tried to copy her sisters

She looks up to her sisters

and loves them both intensely

and they love her just as intensely

That love was evident yesterday.

Daniel has been in the middle of swimming at State Championships, which means that we, (me, John, Abbey and Elijah) are at the pool a lot. Our neighborhood swim team had its swim team fun night scheduled for last night. I asked Anna if she would take Abbey to fun night while we went to finals. She joyfully agreed, (ie, I didn't have to beg) and said she would take Abbey shopping before and they would have a "sister" night.

About a hour after I left, my phone rang. A friend of Anna's had offered her 2 free tickets to see the band, "Paramor", which was a much coveted ticket. I told her she could bring Abbey to me or take her to a friend's to play, if the mom agreed. The mom did agree (thanks Kristi). Also, swim team fun night was canceled because of thunder.

When I got home from the meet, there sat Anna and Abbey at the kitchen table putting a puzzle together. When Anna told Abbey she was going to play at the friends' house, she cried and said, "but we are supposed to have a sister night!" Anna couldn't let her down. She turned down the tickets and stayed with her little sister. What love!!

It's times like this that I'm so grateful that God brought Abbey and Elijah into our family. These former little orphans now have many family members that love them sacrificially. I'm also very proud of the love that my older children bestow on their little siblings.  A love that isn't there because of "have to", but because of "want to".



  1. OK...that one made me cry!!! How very sweet!!! You have 6 special blessings from the Lord!! Love seeing how they ALL are growing and maturing!!! Look forward to getting together soon!

  2. Oh, that first picture of Anna and Abbey brought me to tears. SO Touching!!!

  3. I did wonder what happened Friday as the thunder continued to rumble. Your kids are so blessed to have one another!