Monday, July 19, 2010

Out of Abbey's mouth

A three year old's reaction to their world is fascinating, to put it mildly. It never ceases to amaze me when I hear the things they come out with. Sometimes our three year old comes out with something, and we wonder, "Where in the world did she get that from?"

We had a couple of those moments on our trip to NY.

During nap time one day, John was lying down with Abbey and I was with Elijah, trying to get them to sleep. Abbey had wound the blanket around her legs, mermaid-like. She looked up at John and said through gritted teeth, "Mermaids. Don't. Sleep!"  Even though he was dying with laughter on the outside, he kept his cool, and much to her chagrin, our little mermaid did sleep that day!

During our travels, she and I were going to the potty. As I stood there helping her to "go", she suddenly said, "Did you know you can use Clorox regular bleach?" Then she continued, "I tell my Moms, be picky when choosing baby formula." Then and there, I knew, as I had suspected, that this girl watches waay too much tv!

As we were traveling home, John said something she evidently agreed with and we saw this face:

as she loudly exclaimed, "Yeahhhh"

Then there are those times when she could be a recording of something that has come out of my mouth:
When Elijah was in the car and fussing, she said, "Elijah, I'm not in the mood of it!" 

Or another time, she looked at John and said, "He's (Elijah) just whiny butt today... I shouldn't have said that, but I did!"

We have to go to Cary to take and pick up Daniel from swimming 4 days a week. Often it means I have to wake her and Elijah up and put them in the car.  One day she exclaimed from the back of the car, "I'm so sick of going to Cary!" My sentiments exactly!

Sometimes, she gives us a glimpse of her own insecurities. Today in the grocery store, Abbey took Elijah's face between her two hands and said, "I'll never let anyone take you away. I promise." I have no idea what precipitated this remark. But, it was a very poignant moment.

We praise God for this little wonder!



  1. Love the mermaid story. And her recount of the commercials is hilarious. But sweetest of all is her promise to never let anyone take you away. She's listening...

  2. I liked the "Elijah, I'm not in the mood of it!" line. I'm never in the mood for whining unless it's me that gets to do it! :)