Friday, July 23, 2010

July 15th, 10 months since Elijah's "Gotcha"

Thursday, July 15 marked 10 months since Elijah became our son. During this month, I think I've seen him grow a little bit. He has gotten taller, but not much fatter. He has gotten much more agile. I have seen an increase in his spoken vocabulary, but I'm afraid that most of the time someone else wouldn't understand his speech. This does sometimes cause frustration on his part. He still is incredibly loving, wanting to be held a lot of the time. He sleeps wonderfully (when Abbey doesn't wake him). Eating-wise he has gotten less picky, although he still is a slow eater. As I stated in previous posts, he absolutely adores his big sister, and copies everything that she does. Elijah enjoys the pool and doesn't mind us putting his head under. Everyone who meets Elijah says two things:  how beautiful he is and how sweet he is. We wholeheartedly agree!!

"Smiling for the camera"



  1. Seems like that mini Tarheel has always been here. We love you sweet Elijah!

  2. He is beautiful and sweet and so the only thing I'd change about him is his outfit. Put some Penn State navy blue on that boy!!!


  3. Kristin,
    Indoctrination begins early at our house!