Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elijah's special "prenn"

Many times I have heard Elijah say, "Corrie is my prenn", but until the beach weekend I really didn't realize just how good of a "prenn" Corrie is. During our weekend, those two cuties were inseparable, whether playing, eating or posing for pictures.

 A couple of times we had to reprimand them because they wouldn't allow other kids to play with them.

If you look back at the beach photos, Elijah and Corrie are next to each other.  This wasn't just a beach fling....We were at Caleb's birthday party this past Saturday. While eating cake, Shannon, Corrie's mom pointed out that Corrie and Elijah were having their own private party. They were sitting on the floor facing each other as they ate their party treats.

So it appears that the chick-magnet has his first little crush. This is just fine with me. I love Corrie, she is adorable, and her parents are close friends of ours.  But, Corrie, at least for right now, still has some competition. Yesterday, while at the kitchen table, Elijah looked at me and said, "Mommy, you're so cute!" Ahhh, be still my heart!! No wonder he's such a ladies' man!


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  1. "Mommy, you're so cute!" ~ he's a smart one... :)