Thursday, October 6, 2011

A wonderful, wild weekend--the friends come!

We had two wonderful days with just our family, but were excited to have beach time with our friends. They started coming in on Friday night. Abbey and Elijah only got to see Raji and Sena before they went down for the night.

The next morning they woke to a house full of friends. Jeremy and Deb made us all breakfast with a help from a couple of Jr. Chefs.

Abbey-"Now, Mommy, this is real cooking!"
Just as soon a breakfast was done, the kids were clamoring to hit the beach.

We had tremendous storms Friday night that ushered in a cold front. 

The beautiful sunset before the storm.

Do you think that stopped our beach babies?

No sirree! They all ran into the ocean!
They played for a little while.

Abbey and Darcy enjoy the waves
Soon, they all started to trickle out. The water was plenty warm, but the air?? The air was a balmy 55 degrees!

Teeth shattering, Elijah makes his exit
opting for a dry towel

Kylie joins him

Kristi cuddles her little popsicle, Daniel

Abbey continued on riding the little waves.

Eventually, most of the kids opted for dry sand playing

Except for..guess who... yup, my water baby! Abbey was the lone child in the ocean for quite a while. Finally, even she decided to abandon the icy-aired ocean for dryer activities.

After naptime, we stayed on the beach for most of the day. The adults (guys) played football and were joined by the girls for a rousing game of corn hole.

Shannon fixed a wonderful dinner and we all enjoyed a cold, but fun day!


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  1. It was a glorious weekend, wasn't it?
    So much fun! And I still can hardly believe how long Abbey lasted in the water. Just watching her made me cold, but I suspect she was having too much fun to feel coldness...