Saturday, October 22, 2011

One final picture on the fridge...

Throughout the years, whenever one of the kids had achieved something or created something, I would put it on the refrigerator. I like the front of my fridge to be clutterless, so I limit what can be displayed. Only very special papers, such as first time they write their name, or a good grade in a difficult class, will find their way onto our refrigerator.

Anna came in yesterday and announced, "I've got one more paper to put on the fridge!"

She has passed both parts of the State Board of Cosmetology Arts licensing exam!! She's now as official cosmetologist.

In typical Anna fashion, it wasn't without some controversy. She went to take the practical/hands on test and forgot her practice hand (for doing manicures) in her car. They wouldn't let her go back and get it. Consequently, she started to panic and felt like she hadn't been able to follow the directions correctly on the rest of the test.  She came home that day so battered, bruised and down in the dumps. She was certain that she hadn't passed. Then yesterday, she got the notice online that she had passed!!

This mama is so proud of her young 'un! My girl has struggled with school for years. She's had to work for every good grade she's gotten. She successfully sailed through cosmetology school, despite those old school demons hounding her before each test. She persevered and now is done with school, has a job and is getting married. That's a whole lotta livin' for just 20 years!

Way to go, my Anna B!!



  1. Congratulations Anna! I promise that I'm coming to get my hair cut soon ~ just gotta find someone to watch my kiddos since you'll be busy. :)