Monday, October 10, 2011

The wonderful, wild, beach weekend comes to a close.

 We had some excitement Saturday night,

The folks in red are the "sea turtle experts". The nest was behind the pink tape.
 We got to see some sea turtles hatch. Since it was so cold, they wouldn't let them walk to the ocean, they carried the little baby turtles down by hand. We only saw one, but it was still a treat to get to see even one.

The sky and ocean were beautiful at sunset!

Every good vacation inevitably comes to an end too soon, and our small group beach weekend was no exception.

Sunday morning brought us more of the same weather, but just like the day before, that didn't stop the die-hard ocean lovers.

The higher waves beckoned John and Ian with promises of great rides.

See the two black dots in the wave? That's Ian and John

While John did enjoy some great rides, he also endured a majorly sore neck and shoulder for the next week!

Darcy tries to warm up.

Elijah knew his place--in the sand and didn't even try to brave the water.
Others joined him. Notice the Moms in long pants and jackets?
Time for the group picture...

Raji, Lottie, Abbey,Kylie, Sena, Elijah, Corrie, Daniel, Caleb and Darcy
Beautiful, aren't they?

Of course, they had a "jumpin" great time being together!!

One more family picture (of the members of our family that were there)....

Then back in the car for the ride home. Each of us basking in memories of great food, meaningful  conversation and great fellowship!


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