Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A wonderful, wild weekend! (day one)

Our family loves the beach, and we were given a special blessing this past weekend. Our small group, which is centered around adoption and orphan care, planned a weekend at the beach. The owner of the house we were to stay at told us we could go anytime earlier. We jumped at that offer! With finances on the low side this year, we haven't been able to have a vacation. (The downside was that due to work and school, only the youngest two kids were able to join us for the whole time.)

Surveying the ocean

They both rush in,

but one retreats to less turbulent water

What fun!

John, Jr. came to visit for the day. He joined in the beach fun.

We did the usual "beachy things"....

Play football

Try to hook that allusive big one.

Play in the sand.
This is "D***** castle" and it remained standing for 2 days!
Mummy Elijah
The weather was gorgeous! We had a refreshingly great family time! On Friday our small group buddies began to trickle in. Ten kids ages 5 and under, two preteens, four sets of parents plus another couple of adults all together. It was quite a bunch and quite a wonderful time!

More about the rest of the weekend next post.


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  1. So glad you guys had some time down there to enjoy being a family together!