Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nana's Birthday

My Mom celebrated her 72nd birthday this past weekend. The younger kids and I traveled to her house to spend the day with her on Saturday.

We took her out to eat. She chose to go to McDonalds...I wonder who she was trying to please, herself or Abbey and Elijah??? When we got back we celebrated with cake.

I enjoyed being able to talk to Mom and Dad for a while. I do get to see them fairly often, but we usually have something to go and do. It was nice to just chill at their house and be able to chat.

The kids played with their new puppies that Mom had gotten them. Ummm, her birthday and they get presents? That's how my Mom rolls. She is such a giving person, and has been all my life.  She's always been ready and able to help me in any way she can. I've come to depend on her for everything from baking and decorating birthday cakes, babysitting, giving advice, to just lending a listening ear. She's a very important part of, not only my life, but the lives of my husband and children. We might not say it enough, but we love her dearly!

One highlight of Elijah's visit was his first taste of a hotball. My Dad eats them all the time, and the last time he was at our house, Elijah wanted one. Dad didn't have one to give him, so he promised to give Elijah one the next time he saw him. That was one of the first things Elijah asked for when he walked in the house.

At first, it was ok. Then....
It became a bit more than he bargained for!
I don't think he'll ask for another hotball for quite a while!

Anyway, we loved spending the day with Mom and Dad, and sharing in Mom's special day!

Happy, happy day, Mama! We all love you so very much!!

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