Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chen Temple (Friday, September 18)

As we headed down to the lobby Friday morning, Abbey said, "Let's go find our friend, David!" David took us to the Chen Family Temple. This is a compound that was built by the Chen family for anyone with the last name Chen, to come and worship their ancestors. It has been preserved and houses a museum of cultural arts. It was very enjoyable and educational. David has been great. He knows his Chinese history, and goes to whatever lengths to make sure we have what we need. At the temple we saw examples of embroidery. It was amazing, they looked like paintings, but they were embroidered. We also saw bone carvings, period furniture, bonsai, David gave us great explanations of how they worshiped. By the way, David isn't a believer. We've had some interesting conversations with him as we've traveled together.

Abbey and her "friend" David

Entrance into Chen Clan Temple

Detail on the roof


This is actually a tapestry. I got yelled at for taking the picture. It looks just like a painting

Doors wood is carved with lots of symbolism

Shopping Mall

Elijah in his "hold me" pose

After leaving the temple, David gave us the choice of going to a shopping mall or going to Shamain Island. We chose the mall. Wow! Typical of the Chinese way, there were wall to wall stores with wall to wall merchandise, being looked at by wall to wall people. I asked David if these people had jobs, and if so, how were they here shopping in the middle of the day. He laughed at me and said that on the weekend it would be twice as crowded. Imagine our malls at Christmas time and multiply it by 5. John was able to buy a belt. I bought Abbey some cheap pearls. David bought us some moon cakes. They were delicious. The Autumn Moon festival is coming up in Oct., so you see moon cakes everywhere. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day!

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