Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 23

The view from our hotel window.

Elijah was approved by the US Consulate to come into the USA. Tomorrow we will go to the consulate for a swearing in ceremony, and they will give us his passport with his visa. When we land in Chicago, we will give immigration paperwork and then we will have one of the US's newest citizens! A long, long journey will be ending, and, at the same time, beginning. All praises and honor go to the Lord, who knew the path we would take long before we did. He has gone before us and we have felt Him in very real ways throughout this whole process.
Today we really didn't do anything special. We were out of clean clothes, so we took our laundry to Shamain Island. While there, I was able to meet up with a blog friend, Becky, and her husband and new little girl. It is amazing how you can feel like you know someone that you've just met because you've read their blog, and know they share your heart for adoption. We had a great little visit with them.
I love getting laundry done. One of my dreaded never-ending tasks at home is doing the laundry. Here, you get your laundry back in these neat little plastic bags.
The neatly packed, clean laundry.

Elijah proved today that he has been watching things around here. We have our food supplies in one of our dresser drawers. He went into the drawer today and took out a lollipop. The only problem was that he put the wrong end in his mouth.
He also enjoyed his bath today. It just took him a little while to warm up to the idea of sitting in water. Tonight, he splashed and didn't cry at all.
Abbey is sad tonight, her friend, Tiger, is leaving tomorrow. She will miss her greatly.
Please pray for me. Tonight, I began getting a cold. My nose is running like crazy. I hope it will be all gone before we have to get on the plane..
I was so proud of myself today. Elijah and I were in the elevator when a Chinese man said something to me. I recognized the Chinese word for "China" and "baby" So, I figured he was asking if Elijah was Chinese. So, I shook my head yes. He then looked at me and asked, "Mama?" I nodded my head, yes. The man then looked completely befuddled as he got off of the elevator.

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