Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, Sept. 17 ~ Elijah's orphanage and finding spot

Today we went to visit Elijah's orphanage and finding spot. We had to drive about an hour to get to the orphanage. For an orphanage, it was nice. The director was pleasant and seemed to care about the kids. The nannies in Elijah's room were great with the babies. I asked and was told that they stay in with the babies all the time. At Abbey's orphanage, the nannies rotate, so the kids will not attach. Elijah wasn't too keen on the director, but he loved the nannies. One in particular, he kept going to. He also interacted with the other children. At one point, he took a toy and walked over and gave it to another child. We got a picture of him doing this. He went to the nannies, and then just as happily, came back to us. We did not go into the part with the older kids. They were doing a procedure on a child with club feet in the infant room. The director said that children from other orphanages were brought here for treatment. There was a hospital and retirement community all on the same campus.
Our family with the director of the orphanage
With the little girl whose crib was next to his. Her papers have been sent in for adoption. When we walked in the room, it was very apparent that they were special friends. They both started to giggle and "slap" hands. As they must have done, between the bars of their cribs.
His empty crib
Elijah giving a toy to a little boy
Going to his favorite nanny

Then, we traveled to the town where he was found. This part of our day was very somber to me and John. The area was surrounded by extreme poverty. I've never seen anything like it in the U.S. His finding ad said that he was found by a taxation office by a river. The river was stagnant and polluted with trash. I can imagine his parents really not being able to take care of him. It was a difficult moment for me. On the one hand, I know that he will have a much better life and more opportunities, but on the other hand, parents lost a son; a beautiful, healthy, intelligent son. I have to rest that God has a plan for Elijah to be raised by us. It was quite emotional for me, and I found myself blinking back tears of sadness for his parents.

The tax office signFinding spot
Another view of the finding spot.

Housing near finding spot
Rice fields near his finding spot

Our travels today took us into little visited places of China, and I'm grateful to be able to see glimpses into what Elijah's life would have been like. It was extremely interesting to see inside the real China.


  1. Dear Glenda, It is neat that you got to see his finding spot. We did not do that for either of our girls. I went to OAKs playgroup today and we were talking about you and how beautiful Elijah is! Thank you for sharing the photos, I love to still see China through another God appointed adoption! He does have great plans for Elijah. My heart breaks for all of the parents who have to abandon their babies, what a life long pain they must endure.How selfless they are!

  2. Those pictures brought back memories of our trip to Foshan. It is great you got to see it and the finding spot. I think back to where Aiden was found. Thanks for sharing your trip. I love the songs on your blog.