Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, September 25 ~ Last post from China!

Well, all but one of the bags are packed. That one will be packed just as soon as I finish typing this. We are coming home! Oh, what joy those words bring to my heart!

Today has been a challenge with Abbey. I really think it is bothering her to share her Mommy and Daddy with a little brother. The others have all been through it, and survived, so no doubt, she will too. I've really expected it. She's not blatantly mean to him, but will take things away from him and want to be held while he is being held.

Carolina boy

We've also discovered that this little fellow has a temper! Today, I put him down to pick up Abbey and he plopped his head back on the floor and began to scream and kick his feet. I was shocked and thought it was quite comical. He will find out very quickly that that will not get him anywhere with me. I just looked at him and waited until I was finished with Abbey to pick him up(by that point he was finished with his little fit). He also did the same thing in the bathroom, when I shut the door to keep him out of the toilet. But, the funny thing was that he knew that floor was hard, so he gently put his head on the floor to begin the tantrum.

Today we visited another park close to the hotel.
Catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders on the way to the park.

Our guide said that this sign at the entrance to the park said something about the success of a socialist economy.
It had a large lake with beautiful scenery.
Pretty scene in the park
Restaurant on the lake
Exercising in the park

They are busy decorating things for the National Day celebration. Abbey and a little 5 yr. old boy, who has been adopted also, became good friends today. They walked hand in hand around the park.
Abbey and her new friend Liam

Family photo with Liam added in

When I found out we weren't staying at the White Swan, I was quite disappointed. But, now, I'm so glad we didn't. We had to stay so long, we would have been absolutely stir crazy there. There are so many more things to do close to the China Hotel, and the rooms are bigger and nicer. My guide says they aren't giving out the Barbies anymore either. Again, I believe God went before us, and we ended up in the best hotel, despite our preferences.

Anna said someone said they didn't think we would want to see anyone at the airport when we get home, but that isn't the case. We understand the lateness of our arrival(10:20 pm), but if you are a night owl, and would like to meet us at the airport, we'd love to see you. If it it too late for you, we also understand.

It has been a unique journey, one I'm thankful to have been on. I'm now ready to get back to living life with John and six wonderful kids! I've learned more about the Lord, His love for me and way of leading me. It is truly marvelous in my eyes!!


  1. I will be praying for Abbey-it will be a hard adjustment. With the other kids, you brought home an infant-not this time! It will be OK, just hard some times. I wish Lily could give Abbey some (good) advice!

  2. We were just talking about this at playgroup this week. Not only did our older child have to start sharing Mommy and Daddy, she also had to learn to share everything else. Some days we still hear Daphne saying NO MINE to little brother while he's getting into her stuff ;-) Praying Abbey does well understanding and that Elijah's transition to home goes good.