Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain, rain, go away... (Sept. 15 & 16)

For the past two days, we've been limited in what we've been able to do because of the weather. There was a typhoon that came ashore and has caused a lot of rain. Shamain Island flooded. Around here, we have had off and on rain ever since yesterday afternoon. We did get to go to the park across from the hotel the afternoon before we got Elijah.
Yesterday, Elijah officially became a Dozier. We went back to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize the adoption. The office was again jammed packed with people. Again, they checked our temperature before they allowed us in. We met with two officials. They both asked the usual questions; "Are you happy with the boy? Do you promise never to abandon, abuse or neglect him? You have so many children why do you want to adopt another? " Evidently, our answers were sufficient, because they stamped our papers and we were on our way.
Today, we had to go to the police station to apply for Elijah's passport. While waiting, we met a couple from NC with their son. There is also a couple from Charlotte at our hotel. It certainly is a small world! Tomorrow we will get to visit Elijah's orphanage. I'm sure that will be quite interesting, although heartbreaking. I'm not concerned about taking him back. He might be happy to see his caretakers, but I think he will be just as happy to go back with us. He's doing really well and doesn't seem to be grieving. He did get a little teary at bed time tonight. He still will go to either of us equally. Today, he started babbling some. He's quick with a smile, especially for Abbey.
He's eating well, although very slowly. So far, things have been much easier than we expected. He's a happy baby and already bringing us a lot of joy.
It is such an amazing journey!


  1. What a beautiful boy! I love their shirts! Just so you know what you are in store for-Lily cut Cali's hair yesterday, now I know what Cali would look like if she wear a boy, LOL. Hope the rain goes away so you can enjoy being outside. jody

  2. I just came across your blog, Elijah is adorable and seems to be doing so incredibly well. We were in that same Civil affairs building 4 months ago and we also live in Charlotte! Have a wonderful time in China. I will continue to follow your beautiful journey.

  3. Sorry about the rain, but it sounds like everything else is going perfectly! He is a seriously CUTE kid! Abbey has grown so much, and is a beauty. You are blessed!