Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, Sept. 24 ~ Swearing in Ceremony

The sweet sight we woke up to today

Today was an emotional day! We went to the US Consulate and took the oath, after which they issued Elijah a visa to immigrate to the United States. As soon as the papers in the envelope(which we have been warned not to dare open), have been given to immigration in Chicago, he will be an American citizen. Oh, how many days and nights have I dreamed of this day! From the start about a year and half ago, when John wouldn't hear of adopting, to me giving up on the whole idea, to God calling John to adopt again, to the tortuous paperwork, to the many delays for some reason or another, to not getting our TA in time, to not getting our consulate appointment in time, to not having seats on the airplane, all of this was to get to this day. And we are there! Praise be to God, the author and creator of all life! John and I cried at the end of the little ceremony. It is just such a feeling of relief and thankfulness. We aren't allowed to take any camera in the consulate, so there are no pictures. There were about 45 families joining us in the oath taking. It was short and sweet. The lady from the consulate actually said during her talk, "'s just that easy for your child to become a citizen." after she explained what we are to do next. We all were thinking, "Easy? It is a lot of things, but easy it isn't". But, it sure is a testament to how much we love these children, and how much they are wanted.
My little American girl
Almost one of America's newest citizens
Proud of his flag!

Elijah is coming out more and more. He actually went to sleep tonight without me rocking him. He had fallen asleep after his bottle, but woke up when we laid him down. He fought being rocked to sleep, so I just put him down. He screamed for about 3 minutes, then he went to sleep. He still wants to be held and will hold his arms up.
He also is quite a ladies man. Whenever a female speaks to him, he throws up those arms and flashes the cutest, toothless grin. He is walking more now, but is still a little wobbly. We call him Otis, because he walks like Otis Campbell from the Andy Griffith Show.

Two more sleeps and then we get on 3 planes and finally land in Raleigh!! While I'm dreading the long plane ride, I know it is a necessary evil. We are supposed to get to RDU about 10:20 pm on Sat. the 26th. It's so weird, we leave here at 9:30 am on the 26th and land there at 10:20 pm. (It will be Sunday, the 27th, 10:20 am here in China) Strange business this time change deal. It will be interesting to see how Abbey and Elijah adjust. I'm prepared to loose a lot of sleep.

Abbey and "Pandy"

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  1. I will pray that the kids sleep on the plane for you! Can't wait to see them together! jody