Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Bittersweetness of life

 So much fun!

The other day, Abbey was talking about how she had caught something. Of course, she said, "catched". I corrected her and she asked why. I explained the grammar rules the best that I could. Later that day, she explicitly said a sentence, and when she came to it, grinned and said, "caught".

I congratulated her, but inside I was mourning a little bit. I thought, here we go... one more step to being grown up. I've seen lots of those growth markers lately.

While working with me on her letters. She said, "I can write my whole name." To my amazement she did just that!
Notice the concentration

 So proud!

She now has a job. She feeds the dogs every night. She gets such a thrill. Several times during the day, she gleefully says, "I get to feed the dogs tonight!"

Dinner time, dogs

All of these developments show that my precious little girl is growing up. While I rejoice with her, part of me is a little sad.  Each little step she takes toward independence, brings a little step toward me working myself out of a job! Ahh the ambiguity! I know that I would be so sad if she couldn't make those strides, but I can't help but be a little bummed to see them happen in what seems to be such a short period of time.

I've been here before. I remember when the four oldest looked like this:

At a UNC game, about 1995

I blinked and they grew up.

Abbey's joyful, willingness to do chores, such as feeding the dogs, does signify that she is still young. By the time they are old enough to really help around the house, it is like pulling teeth to get them to do it! So, for now, I can take comfort that she'll be little for a bit longer!


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