Friday, November 26, 2010


Today is the calm after the storm, albeit a good storm. Today John, Jr is gone, Beth and Greg are gone, and Daniel is at practice for a 3 hour practice. Abbey and Elijah are so exhausted that they both were ready to crash for a nap at 11:30 am. Abbey slept 2 hours and Elijah has slept almost 3. They certainly had a big day yesterday!

 Abbey fell asleep in the floor.
Notice the bag in her hand...
 Nana gave her some princess games and coloring books. She put them in this grocery bag. Abbey carried it around all day yesterday and today as well. She even fell asleep with it!

Our Thanksgiving actually started Wednesday night. All of our kids came home and we went out to eat seafood. Then we (all except for the 2 youngest), watched a movie.

The next morning, we went to my Mom and Dad's for a huge meal and fellowship.

Playing basketball

The highlight was our traditional, go around the table and tell what you are thankful for moment. John and I were quite taken aback when it came around to Abbey and she said, (uncoached by anyone), "I'm thankful for all my family!" Oh how precious! There were quite a few tears shed. All of us feel immensely grateful for my Dad being with us. He had a spell two weeks ago where he totally lost his short term memory. He has recovered, but they never really found out why it happened. They are suspecting Transient Global Amnesia. It sure was scary. Both of my parents are so special to me and my kids. They are always there for us, giving encouragement, support and anything else we might need. Out of 6 kids, I don't think they have missed a single birthday party. They are absolutely the best!!!

Abbey and Nana

Anna, like all of us, loves her Grandaddy!

Nana, Beth and Grandaddy

We also love their Nana

My brother's family: Betty,Jordan,Tom(my brother), Landry

After digging in to a huge lunch, the guys went to play golf, while the girls, Elijah and Jamie went to see the movie, "Tangled".  I enjoyed it; and it wasn't so scary that Abbey couldn't watch it.

 John, Jr. practicing his swing

I'm so thankful for my life and my God. The fact that He knows my every need and how He will meet it, before I'm even  aware of it, still astounds me! I've seen Him work on so many occasions. I look around and see miracle after miracle.

 My immediate and extended family are so precious to me. I don't know how to find the words to express my thankfulness for all of them, especially, my husband. After spending the day together today,  I'm just left with the feeling of completeness.  He just gets me, whether any one else does or not. But the wonderful thing is that, even though he knows all my inadequacies, he still loves me!

I'm one superbly blessed woman!!!

Front-Beth,Abbey,Me,Elijah,Anna,My Dad, My Mom,Jordan,Betty
My Whole Family


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Glenda! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time with family and how sweet for Abbey to see how special it is to be part of such a wonderful family as well!

    We're thankful we know the Dozier family too!
    Love, The Fergusons