Monday, November 29, 2010


Daniel's hard work in the pool and the classroom paid off for him recently. He was chosen to be a part of "Scholastic All America". To achieve this he had to have a certain grade point average, as well as having swum a certain time. I'm not sure what the qualifying time is, but it is a might bit fast. He also got a special recognition lapel pin for having above a 4.0 GPA.

Because money is tight, and meets are expensive,  Daniel hasn't been to any meets, yet, this year. He is going to a really big travel meet in Virginia next week. We are praying that he swim super fast. There will be several college coaches at this meet.

No matter how he does, we are immensely proud of him. He gets up two times a week at 4:15, in order to get to practice by 5 am. He practices for 2 hours, goes to school and then back to a 3 hour practice. The other three days, he practices for 3 hours in the afternoon, in addition to 3 hours on Saturday.  At his last report card, his GPA was 5.0! (It's ok for a Mom to brag a little, isn't it???). He has shown tremendous dedication to his sport and to academics.

Keep up the hard work, Daniel! We are very proud of you!!

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  1. Bragging? No, just stating the facts, ma'am. I love hearing about your children's achievements!