Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween, do we or don't we?

That has always been the question. Do we participate in Halloween or not? It isn't always the same answer. We have run the gamut from fully participating in trick or treating to abstaining completely. It's not an easy thing to decide. It is a gray area in my mind. I know the dark side of it and its origins. I also know the just for the fun side too and  the side of community building.  I believe that while the Bible forbids a lot of the things that Halloween is sometimes associated with, it is a gray area. No where in Scripture does it say, "Do not participate in Halloween.".So basically, I believe that if God has convicted you and the way you celebrate Halloween, then you should obey. That being said, I feel that John and I have been convicted about some aspects, but not others.

When Beth and John were little, we did participate. Then, we discovered a really neat carnival at a local church, so we did that instead. Then we moved and the carnival was discontinued. Periodically, John, Jr would want to go with friends, and we would let him. By this point, at the ripe old age of 10 or so,  Beth was waay too old for such nonsense.With Anna and Daniel we didn't do it for many years. It got to the point where I thought that it was much too attractive, just because it was taboo. So, we let them go out trick or treating.

Now, with Abbey and Elijah. We have discovered that our neighborhood goes all out. There is a parade, after which the kids are treated to dinner. It really is a fun atmosphere and a bonding time with our neighbors. John and I have discussed it and feel that if we don't participate it might actually hurt our Christian witness with our neighbors. They may see us as prudish or holier that thou. We want to draw people to Christ, and one draw is the freedom that we have in Christ to do things that aren't forbidden in the Bible. So, for the past two years, we have participated in trick or treating.

This year Abbey was old enough to really enjoy herself. My mom bought her a costume and Anna provided some fairy make-up.

A very fairy-like pose.

One of the hand-me-down boxes we got had a puppy costume, which became Elijah's costume.

With the make-up artist.
(and the resident clown in the background)

There you go, ~ our fairy and puppy!

Someone actually had a float to lead off our parade

 Abbey loved walking in the parade

Elijah looked quite somber. Unbeknownst to him, all this fuss would later pay off in a huge sugar rush.

Guess who was watching the parade? Coach Aimee!!

 Anna passed out candy at our house. Here are the cutest two she saw all night.

Trick or treating isn't for the weak. Dr. Regan checked Abbey out and declared her fit.

By the end of the night, Elijah has really gotten the hang of it. He would march right up to the door, hold his pumpkin out and say, "Thank you!" even before they had given him any candy. I'm sure that little flash of manners resulted in twice a much candy. Smart kid, huh?



  1. Well said, Glenda. I really appreciate your thoughts on this topic!

  2. I agree with your comments and we've been through the same soul searching. I've never felt convicted to not 'do' Halloween the way we do it (i.e. dress up and cruise our own neighborhood) but I know it can be a divisive topic among Christians. Thanks for posting about it and your thoughts on it!

  3. Leave it to Elijah to work the charm in his favor to get more candy! Little stinker!
    And Abbey looks so grown up in her costume and make up. I'm sure she had a blast as a fairy.
    (Oh, and I'm sure Ian will be glad to see he's not the only goofy daddy from time to time!)