Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

This is what you get when you put a 9-12 month size little butt in a 2-3T size underwear!

So proud of his big boy britches!
Before they hit the floor.

Elijah has been using the potty for #2 for several weeks now. I figured that we'd start trying to get him to be more regular with #1 pottying. So, I bought him some Cars underwear. The smallest size is 2-3T.

Obviously, that isn't small enough!

Soon after we put them on, I looked and they were completely down around his ankles.

After I washed in very hot water and dried them for a long time, I think they will do if he has other pants on.

Oh the travails of having a very skinny bottom! (Something I, myself,  have never, ever had the pleasure to experience)


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  1. Yeah, I wish I was so skinny I couldn't keep my pants up! So cute...Elijah in his big boy underwear!