Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spelunking with Daddy

I'm sitting in the dining room checking my e mail on my computer, when all of a sudden the lights go out. In the darkness I see a flashlight beam followed by three shadows. It's John, Abbey and Elijah, aka  our resident spelunkers. It seems that our downstairs has been converted into "caves", which they are exploring.

Here they are exploring the "cave"
(I took these with my night portrait mode, because caves are very dark)

They decide that I am a bat. I've been lots of things in imaginary play, but a bat?  Nope, don't think so, that's a new one. Anyway, I play my best bat... They come up to me and I screech and they run away.

Coming out of the living room cave

They had quite a grand time. I marveled at John's imagination. Who would have thought to make the rooms dark and pretend they were caves??  He can be such a fun Daddy! I just love watching him play with them.

They loved this game. Finally John told them they had to quit. Abbey asked, "Why?" He said, "Because it is 8:30." She said, "Well let's pretend it is 2:30!"  She's a sharp one, that girl!  But, cave exploring is dirty business and the spelunkers had to go above ground to the upstairs to get their baths, go to bed and dream of other adventures with their very creative Dad. 


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  1. I had no idea John's creativity ran so deep! What a great idea. We'll have to go spelunking in our house soon!
    And I love Abbey's on the spot thinking. She's a smart one!