Saturday, August 15, 2009

Future Lifeguard

These pictures were taken by another parent of a little Chinese girl. He visited our pool and took these pictures. He e mailed them to me and told me he didn't mind if I posted them. Thanks, Jay!

Abbey is still enamored with the pool. Her swimming just gets stronger and stronger. She has started doing a primitive backstroke. We go to pool just about every day. One night when I was putting her in bed we had this conversation:
Abbey: "When I free, I gonna sit in the big chair."
Me:(Not sure what big chair she is talking about) "Oh, you are?"
Abbey: "Yes, and I gonna take my whistle on do-um like this."(she makes twirling motions with her hands)
Me: "Oh, you want to be a lifeguard?"
Abbey: "Yeah, when I'm free in Sepbember."

She has held on to this and several times has said she is going to be a lifeguard when she's three.

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