Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girl on a mission

Abbey loves to get something from the snack bar at the pool. She wants to go up there, order, and pay all by herself. A few days ago, we were at the pool with her friends Lottie, Caleb and Kylie when I noticed that Abbey wasn't around. I looked and there she stood at the snack bar window. I said to the Mary Grey(a lifeguard and Anna's good friend), "Oh she doesn't have any money." Mary Grey said, "Yes, she does." I went to look and saw that Abbey had a dime. She had gone into the pool bag, found my wallet and taken out a dime. (that was about all the money I had) Then she had gone to the snack bar to order popcorn. She didn't have sufficient funds for popcorn, but she showed just how determined and independent she can be. Gotta give our little girl credit for tenacity and lots of spunk!

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