Sunday, August 30, 2009

John the Baptist and Pooh

Every night before going to bed, Abbey and I read stories from the Toddler Bible. She has picked a couple of stories as her favorites and we have to read them every night. She loves Mary and Martha and The Lost Sheep. In fact she can recite those two stories by heart. Whenever she sits down to read a story, she always recites the words from those two stories. She knows almost all of both of them word for word. (This morning she got the newspaper and opened it up and started reciting Mary and Martha.) Well, last week, I'd grown weary of Mary and Martha and The Lost Sheep, so I said," Let's read about John the Baptist." So, now every night's reading must include Mary and Martha, The Lost Sheep and John the Baptist. Last night she was sitting with John "reading" a book. When she started to recite John the Baptist. She said, "John the Babbist ate honey and bugs;" at this point she paused in her "reading" and said, " just like Pooh!" I can honestly say I've never thought of the correlation between John the Baptist and Winnie the Pooh, but I will now!

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