Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not much will bring a Mom to her knees...

Like handing her child the keys!

Having just completed Driver's Ed, Daniel has been chomping at the bit to get his permit. So, Friday, we finally had time to go. Of course, he passed the test. Not that I wanted him to fail, but I surely didn't want him to start driving. Especially since he will be driving with me. I'm the worst supervising driver ever! Just ask my older kids. I detest the feeling of not being in control. I know this is my problem, not theirs, but we both have to live with it. They never brake as soon as I think they should, and they always have trouble keeping in the middle of the lane. I wish I could buy one of those Student Driver signs. Maybe that would help with other drivers getting impatient and cutting in front of us when we don't go as fast as they would like, or speeding up instead of letting us in when we have to change lanes. Oh well, I, as well as my 3 older kids, have survived this phase of life, I suppose Daniel will also. I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers (and I wouldn't mind them either)!

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