Thursday, October 8, 2009

Abbey's 3rd Birthday!!

   Our precious Abbey turned 3 right before we went to China. We didn't have time to get together a party, so we just had a family party, with the promise of a "real" party when we get back. Nana and Grandaddy came with a Dora cake they had made. Unfortunately, Abbey was running a fever that day. Yes, we were to leave for China in 5 days, and she had a high fever. I did take her to the Dr., and, of course, they said it was a virus and there was nothing we could do, but wait it out. We did do some heavy duty praying though. The fever ended 2 days before we left.

Doing the puzzles with Grandaddy

Snow White

Nana and Grandaddy gave her a new Dora Doll

So, now that she is three....

Abbey has been telling everyone this summer that once she is three, she is going to sit in the big chair, twirl her whistle and be a lifeguard. Well, with the help of Anna, she fulfilled this prophesy on her birthday.

Ready for the stand


Yup, definitely got the whistle twirling down!

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