Friday, October 23, 2009

Three year old check up

Abbey went to see Dr. Foster for her 3 yr old check up today. Something that may strike fear in some kids, absolutely thrills Abbey. She was so looking forward to her visit. She loved the paper gown, "Just like the people in my Jesus book!" She even wanted to bring it home and spent the evening wearing it.

 She checked out fine, with the exception of the little cough she can't seem to get rid of. We were given an antibiotic for that. She weighs 34.5 lbs and is 39 1/4 inches tall. That is 80 and 90 percentile. She even asked the Dr. if she could listen to her heart, so the Dr. let her listen to all of our hearts. She had a little trouble with the vision screening. Her vision registered as 20/40 in both eyes, and she could not see in stereo. With both of these, we will monitor and see if it gets worse or improves. It was hilarious, during the eye chart test, the nurse had gone over the shapes with Abbey up close, then asked her to step away. She pointed to the first object and asked Abbey what it was, "I don't know, let me come and see!" she said as she ran up to get a better look. On the circle, she said it was an octagon when looking from a distance. Thus, she doesn't have perfect vision, but not in need of correction right now. She knew all the colors and could count to 18. She had a grand old time!

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