Sunday, October 25, 2009

All it took was...

"I miss you Beth."
and this happened:

Last week Abbey got on the phone with Beth and unprompted said,"I miss you Beth." The next day Beth told me that she thought she had gotten an affordable flight to come home this weekend. Then Sat. morning she called to tell us there had been a mix up and she didn't have a flight. Abbey got on the phone again and said,"I get to see you today." I did not tell Beth that Abbey had been counting the "sleeps" until Beth came home. I was resigned to the fact that I wouldn't get to see her this weekend, when she called and said she was on her way. She had rented a car and was driving home. A lot of expense, time and a little bit of a visit, but I was touched by her longing to come home. (And, believe me, we longed just as much for her to come home).

These are my sisters!!

Abbey adores both of her sisters. One time she was hugging me and she asked, "Are you a sister?" She's trying to figure out this family thing, but she knows one thing, she loves and is loved by her sisters!


Elijah and two of his sisters.

All too soon, Beth had to leave. It was interesting to see how Abbey copes. She totally withdrew from Beth. She wouldn't talk to her or acknowledge that she was leaving. It really hurt my heart to think how Abbey guards her heart and is afraid to show that she feels sadness or pain.

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  1. Sibling love ~ it leaves one speechless, doesn't it? So glad you and John got the benefit of seeing Beth out of it!