Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Visit to Grandmas

This weekend we took Elijah, Abbey and Daniel and went to visit John's mom. Beth drove in her rented car. Because it was the first time she had seen her in 2 years, Grandma was especially excited to see Beth. Her 83rd birthday was Sunday, so we took her out to eat.  This was the first time she had met Elijah in person. He was a little shy at first...

but by the end of the day, he was just fine...

We took her out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. At first we were the only people in the restaurant, so we gave Abbey a little bit of freedom. She could go to the buffet and back by herself. Then John noticed that she was sitting down with the waitress. John went to rescue the waitress, just in time to hear Abbey say, "Hey, what cha doin?" to the waitress. You  just never know what she's going to do! Luckily the waitress was from China and was quite enamored with our children and thought Abbey was cute! Amazing what you can get away with when you are adorable.

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