Saturday, October 17, 2009

Remembering-our coming home party, Sept. 27, 2009

 Can you tell she's glad he's home?

While we were in China, Anna asked if she could give us an open house when we got home. Of course, we said, "Yes," and were touched that she wanted to spend her own money and time to put it all together. She made the guest list, invited everyone and got some decorations and food. She enlisted the help of my Mom, who made sure we had lots of food. Beth also helped with the preparations.  The result was a wonderful time. Even though I was so tired it kind of seems like a dream, I'll always remember it. Elijah will have a record of the many people who couldn't wait to meet him and evidence of how much his older sister loves him.

Beth visiting with everyone

Daniel seeing Elijah for the first time.(Elijah was asleep)

Enjoying his party

 John with 2 of his buddies, Steve and Ricky

Grandaddy getting ready


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