Friday, October 9, 2009

Just imagine...

Just imagine traveling half way across the world and back. Just imagine getting back home late one evening after traveling for 27 hours with 2 small children, knowing that you have kids at home that will need to be fed. Just imagine a tiredness so intense you really can't think straight. You walk into your house, and it is spotless. Someone has been there to clean it. You open your refrigerator and it is packed! Not only is the fridge packed, but the pantry is also. There are complete meals (including steaks), snacks, coffee, soft drinks and the all important chocolate.  A note tells about the special group of thoughtful people who did this for you. Imagine how you would feel. I can tell you how we felt.....


To our adoption small group, you all are the best! Thank you for being God's hands and feet for us. We love you all!!

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