Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A highlight of our trip to China

Of course, getting Elijah was the number one highlight of our trip to China. But, we also had another meeting that brought us great joy. When we went to get Abbey, our guide was Alison. We enjoyed her and were so impressed with her walk with Christ amidst persecution. She and I have been e mail buddies over the last 2 years. I really feel that she helped us get our TA in the timely manner that we did. We went with AHH again, mainly, so we could see Alison again. Well, she had another group right before we got to China, so she couldn't be our guide. But, she came to see us at our hotel in Beijing. She brought her husband  and little girl, Jessica. We had a wonderful visit that ended way too soon. We committed to continue to be prayer partners. Even though several thousand miles physically separate us, our hearts are knit together in the family of Christ. Her husband told us that his goal was to get to High Point, NC! Amazingly, he is a furniture designer and knows all about High Point! We told him if he could get here, he would definitely have a place to stay. My Dad had made a cross for us to give to Alison and her husband. They both went on and on about the intricate design of that cross. They really seemed to appreciate it.

With Abbey

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